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My poetry, cause I love writing poems! These are my poems, so please please don't steal them!

Death of Sorrow

Sunny raindrops touch the skies,
Clearing worries and my sighs,
Calming seas of tiny wolves,
Stealing hearts of buried gold,
Softly whispering my gentle name,
Killing heartache and my pain.

The End

Oh no,
It's coming near,
Joy lost replaced by fear,
Why does it end so soon?
Yesterday it seemed so new...

Death of the Martyr

Heart beats falling like broken rain,
Drenching all different colors of race,
Filling sorrow with sadness's frown,
People turn to hollow groud,
No one sees the sheaded tears,
One only hears the heartache's pain,
A prayer is said and that is all,
Good bye Martyr,
Your time is gone.

The Other Day

It seems like it's already tomorrow,
And today is back at yesterday,
Still I can't releive my sorrow,
And all my heartache's pain.

There was a time when you were mine,
It seems like it was so long ago,
But in truth it was the day before,
The day before yesterday.

Could it be I'm the one to blame?
And I caused him so much pain?
If only questions could be spoken,
But not today oh not today...

The Rebels

We are what we are,
We do what we do,
We say what we say,
And whats it matter to you?

Before The End

Sadden me sweet lullaby,
Turn my head and make me cry,
What I've done is known to all,
Sing the truth and all my faults,
Heaven knows I've been wrong,
So please please sing one last song.

The Best Of All

I'm the best,
Don't you know?
I can leap, jump, kick, and draw,
Have you seen my art?
It's posted in the hall,
I'm good looking, smart, and bright,
Everyone loves me,
Day and night,
I'm sure it's so plain to see,
That the greatest,
Well, is me!

Foolish Girl

You're a fool,
For falling in love,
With someone you hardly know,
Listen to me girl,
You gotta forget about him,
He's a rebel,
Not your type girl,
He's a low life,
Or so they tell you girl,
How did you manage to fall for him?
Why couldn't you tell,
He was only trouble?
Listen to me girl,
I'll give you this warning,
Don't fall in love with a boy,
Who doesn't even know your name,
He'll lead you to heartache and pain,
Open your eyes,
See through his lies,
Try to forget about that guy,
And is he worth the money you spend?
Why do you devote all your time toward him?
You're a fool girl,
For falling in love,
With a boy you don't even know.

Getting Up

Get your head out of the shadows,
Don't you know it will be all right?
The rain only stays for a while,
Tomorrow the sun will shine,
Not everything that happens is bad,
It's all caused for a reason,
Just get up and get over it,
You'll feel better knowing you did,
Prove to the world you are strong,
Don't you know you're here for just a short time?
Itn's not wrong to put it all behind you,
Find the inner peace inside,
And discover how to smile,
After all it can't be that bad,
It's all just part of life.

George Harrison

So many summer nights have gone,
When you sat there alone in thought,
Old age caught up to you,
Your youth has all been lost to the past,
Yet you still manage to amaze us,
Amaze us with your songs,
Amaze us with your strength,
Even if time has been spent to the end,
You still come up with something new,
How do you manage to do this after all those years?
The heartbreak, the sorrow,
And those nights of tears,
And still and still,
You sing to us,
A never ending symphony,
Of versesm words and harmony,
I guess it's just amazing,
That you managed to survive,
The drugs and the alcohol,
All of it,
And you always come with song,
You should be done with your career,
It beat you down,
It tore you apart,
You lost your wife,
And nearly lost your life,
But still you continue to sing your song,
I wish more people could be like you,
Determined, soulful,loving,
An amazing kind of person,
That doesn't die with time,
Keep singing your songs,
And continue to amaze us all.

Holding On To Friendship

For all the times I turned you down,
For all the fights we had,
I still remember your friendly smile,
Your jokes and our laughs,
And though it seems we drifted apart,
And walked our seperate ways,
Every now and then,
I find myself in your company,
I know it's easy to laugh,
And to say how immature we acted,
But the hole left inside,
Never really closed,
But if I could have changed,
And been a wiser person,
I wouldn't have missed out,
On times we could have shared together,
I hate myself for saying goodbye,
All those years ago,
And turning my back,
On a friend I should never have let go,
And I would never trade a minute,
Of times we spent together,
For even if you mad me mad,
And helped split up our band,
I can't stand to see you now,
A broken and ill man,
So please my friend,
Don't die yet,
Keep strong and don't let go,
For I'm here now by your side,
A friend that will never go,
And even if the tears swell my eyes,
I want to let you know,
I didn't mean those words I spoke,
So many years ago.

A Tribute To George Harrison

He was a singer,
He was a friend,
A modest kind of man,
A hero with a song,
Though he didn't always know,
What was right from wrong,
He grew up in a city,
Witnessed things unpretty,
But opened up our eyes,
To the truth and lies,
He was here for just some time,
And though a saint,
He did die,
But death does not erase,
All his talent and his faith,
His story does go on,
And with it all his songs.

Deadsville (Ode To Home)

There's a little town called Deadsville,
Which hardly anyone knows,
It slips the mind,
And never seems to grow.

On Main Street are dead stores,
All seen happier days,
But in this town life goes on,
Crawling from day to day.

Everyone here knows each other,
No good words to explain,
But their lives are very dull,
And few ever come to stay.

I guess this can't be the only Deadsville,
They're all around the world,
It's just a pity to waste your life,
Just staring out a window.

No Title Yet

I thought I knew you,
Even if we just met a few months ago,
You smiled and invited me,
And being niave I answered,
How was I to know it was a game?
How was I to know I was just a name?
A name you never used at that,
And when the time came,
And I confessed my love,
You realized how far you played,
Slightly sad you turned away,
When I asked you why,
You could only say,
We're too different and would never make,
It hit me like a slap across the face,
And my blindness lifted up,
For the first time I saw you,
The image can never change,
But memories of time spent with you remian,
Perhaps a part of me still wishes,
That things could have been different.

Ode To Friday

As I go walkin' down the street,
Everybody greets me,
Everyone seems to know my name,
I'm so well loved,
It's driving me insane,
But hey, thats ok,
Cause it's Friday,
And when the clock turns seven,
I'll be everywhere but bed,
Driving down the road in a fancy car,
Or staying out shopping till eleven,
Me and my friends,
Will have so much fun,
We'll crash every party in town,
But hey, thats ok,
Cause it's Friday,
I just feel like singing and dancing around,
Man, am I in a good mood,
Turn on the music,
And lets all go out,
For we got nothing to lose,
We can dance with every guy in line,
But hey, thats ok,
Cause it's Friday,
And thank God it is!